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August 2013
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Learning to let go and move is where it's at. 

- Admitting when you've held on too long, and getting the motion back.

- Hanging with Travis Mash and Christmas Abbott, two folks who say yes to possibility and always seem to keep their head level. 

- Burning the boats and jumping into rough waters...Why the hardest part is that first leap.

It's neem an amazing 2013. Let's make 2014 even better. 


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The midnight ramble. Please, sit. I have beer. 

- Being more like Chuck Berry. 

- My most embarassing football story

- Question time, including what I think of Rippetoe's Crossfit article

- Story time: Quite the charmer


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Back in the swing of things. Let's chat...

- The beautiful lesson that pain brings
- Ying and Yang all around
- How critical recovery is, and how to do a better job at it
- Training while you travel…the how and "Why?"
- Story time: Heavy Duty Mantra.


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Let's talk music! 

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First podcast on the road with only an iPhone. Bear with me. 

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You'll dig this one. Listen till the end.

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Let's do this. Stick around at least till the 40 minute mark. You should find story time pretty entertaining. 

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Here we go. 

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Leaping all the way...a great show I think. 

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Join me for a special episode. Call it the Halloween special, but not really. Let's chat. 

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Some embarrasing stories for you, and some guidance when it comes to blowing money on supplements. 

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Piss and Vinegar...let's go. 

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Hanging with Jason Khalipa, Greg Everett, Diane Fu, Carl Paoli, and Kelly Starrett

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Daniel Day Lewis is The Batman we deserve!

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Let's do this!

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A fun one. Let's get to thinking. 

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Careful, you know how these late night shows turn out. You might want to get a drink first. 


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Jillian Michaels - To Catch a Fitness Predator

...No offense, Jillian. I just think you're being an asshole. 

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ScotchWOD, happy shoulders, and getting what you want, win or lose

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BB #25 - Tattoos, pain, injury, FREEDOM! 

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On this show I chat about MMA, Crossfit, and Yoga...and why the connection really matters. Check it out!

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BB #23 - Steroids, those high expectations, and something better

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Candles, grilled cheese wisdom, and being selfish...yep, really. 

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BB #21 - Music memory, Mr. Fibonacci, and tying it all together

An interesting one...hope you like it. 

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Football regrets, infinity overhead, and everything right here at your feet

Let's chat about....

Coffee, your rediculously complicated training program and why it's not necessary, and of course, the beauty and satisfaction you can find in a simpler approach. 


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I think this is a great show, but then again, I did have four Scotches before hand. 


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- One additional congrats to Rich, and what his performacne means for us

- A moment on the mountain, and what it reminded me of

- The moment, and why it's the only thing you've got

- Training progress, like anything else, is not a matter of surging forward. It's about taking the next best step. It's about balance. it's about having a decent time while you're at it. 

That and more on this episode! 



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Where, what, how to read these fancy book things. Keep this in mind and you'll be smarter, and you'll coach and perform better. What's not to love about that! 

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Why bad days on your hustle and in your gym are the worst, and the best thing...

- The war of art

- What my son, his fussy eating habits and that ear of corn tought me about mindfulness today

- Looking past today's fog to see our progress

- Focusing on the next best step

- The bad day as a blessing

Enjoy the fruits of my bad day, 


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Here it it, my Rich Froning story. Hanging with the Crossfit Games champ tought me a thing or two. I want to share that with you.

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On todays show...

- Close minded jerks, and why I almost ripped ones head clean off today.

- A special sneak peak from the upcoming audio version of the book, Progress. The topic, habits.

- You are what you repeatadly do. So this begs the question...what are you practicing? 

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Joint me, dear listener, for chat about...

- My time in the desert

- How much you're missing in your rush

- Where the beauty is

- What guitar players can teaches us about programming

...and more!

Happy Vice Friday!

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Today's topic? We spend our early lives rapidly accumulating knowledge. The trouble is that there's a huge gap between knowing and doing. It takes time to be able to translate that information into a form that can affect your life, your career, your family and your training for the better. 

Let's get to it! 


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It's a beautiful, sunny, tipsy Sunday afternoon. Let's chat about the privilage of travel, finding out just how wrong you've been, then learning how to cast off your wet blanket in favor of something more true and awesome! 

Shall we? 

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There's all this stuff you want to get accomplished in your career, during training, in your personal life. And you want to get there as soon as possible, right?

I commend you, but you're making a big mistake. Let me point you towards something better...

- Learn to lean forward and work

- Understand the four key phases of development, and where you are

- Finally, embrace where you are now, and know that this is right where you belong for the moment

This podcast could change everything for you. 


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I wanted to take a moment and share my view on programs. You know, specific programs that you can find out there in the wild. Here's the summary:

- You need a plan...some kind of program...but there's no magic in it.

- The test is whether or not you're making progress. If you are, then you're just where you need to be. If not, a change might be in order.

- However, do not get caught up in the game of chasing down the perfect program for you. No such thing exists! There's no magic out there. You just need to understand which tool might be best for you right now. 

- Your first warning sign is when you feel frustrated that maybe someone else is doing something better. That's a lie.



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Let's you and I talk about failure, friend, and how beautiful it is. 


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Tonight, I just go with it. i blame the damn white wine. 

- A quick blurb on how to improve your overhead pressing strength

- My first Zen computer buying experience

- A crazy 15th century Japanese monk, and why he's informing my current outlook

I hope you find it entertaining. 


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A casual Sunday afternoon chat about drugs. Please excuse my melow tone. I could have used an upper or two! 

- My perspective on drugs, performance and recreational

- Dangerous? They all can be constructive or destructive

- Steroids are more of an ethics issue for me than a health issue. 

- In the end, ask yourself whether your habits help you build and create, or if they take from you. Do they motivate, or do they compel you to sit idle? Those are the key considerations. 


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Tonight the Barbell Shrugged crew hung out and talked about whatever we wanted. Look out for some BS, and some wisdom...and maybe plenty of laughs. 



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Hello there, dear listener. I'm glad you've joined me. 

Let's take a moment to talk about meditation.

- What it really is

- How you can practice it right alongside your work, training, and everyday life

- Why your training and life will be much better off becuase of it



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The first solo show! 

I'd like to share with you some thoughts about the people - the energy - that surrounds you right now. If you have loads of enabling energy flowing right into you senses daily, good for you! You are incredibly lucky. For the rest of us, we need to seek out more of that, and eliminate the negetive energy that might be staring us down...holding us back. 

That's not so easy sometimes. Thankfully we progressive folk will make it happen. 


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This week we get the show going. Chris is joined by CTP to talk everything from Powerlifting training, to why chickens are nothing more than dinosaurs and we should not feel bad about eating them. 


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